Terms and Conditions

General information

On check in we will process your check in form. Geoff will briefly talk about the terms and conditions and connect you to WIFI.

Please note: Please read our house notices on your bedroom wall.
While all care is taken by us 96 Guest House accepts no liability for your cash or property left in rooms or anywhere on the premises at any time.

Please contact us if you require a safe for your personal items, it is free, the safe is small but will not take large items like a lap top computer.

Should your departure date change
We require 2 weeks notice to enable full bond refund, please advise us by email.

Extending your stay
Advise us as soon as you can, there is no guarantee our future booking will let us extend your current booking,
we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Confirmed booking
Once your booking has being confirmed by email, we will send you an invoice.

Your rental payments
We need to be advised 1-2 weeks in advance if your accommodation is being paid by you the school or an agent.
Refund of rent
If your rent has been paid in advance we will not refund your rent. Should you or us, find someone to replace your booking we will refund your remaining rent.

Other expenses with a minimum stay of 4 weeks
• Bond of one week’s rent, refunded on check out
• One time cleaning fee of $30.00 per person
The above payments must be paid in cash on check in.

Your room/share room should be available when you check in?
Check in time is 2 pm, the room attendant needs time to prepare your room or bed. It is usually available for you on arrival, if not you are most welcome to have a shower or use the facilities while you wait.
Check out time is 10am
We need to service the room or bed for the next guest who may be waiting.

Late check out
You will need to email us 1-2 days in advance if you require a late check out. If you do not advise us, you will be charged an extra day’s rent.
Room prices
Are subject to change during the high season, and special Australian holidays

Your bond
Can be applies by us for for missing or damaged furniture or items inside your room on departure.
If you don’t report any issues to us after 7 days of moving in, we will take it you are satisfied with the conditions of your room and that it was in a good and undamaged condition when you moved in. Please tell us if there are any problems with your room.

Damage caused
You are responsible for any damage to or loss of property in your room or shared room. If the damage or lost item was located in your room or shared room you will both be held responsible and billed.
You must not fix anything to doors, walls or ceiling, which may result in damage. No stickers or posters on the walls and doors, the use of Blutac is permitted in bedrooms.
Furniture and items must not be taken outside of the room or from any common area to your room. No bottles or glass objects on the window ledge is permitted for safety reasons.
You are also responsible for the conduct of your visitors and any misconduct, injury to any person or property damage caused by them.

Fresh linen and towels are available
$5 for single beds, $8 for double beds
A single room includes 2 sheets, 2 pillow cases and 2 bath towels.
A double  room includes 2 sheets, 4 pillow cases and 4 bath towels.

Please note: On Monday you will need to send us an email if you would like to buy fresh linen and towels.
Room cleaning day is variable. The room attendant will make your bed with fresh linen on the day your room is cleaned.

The cleaning fee of $30
Is one time only paid in cash on arrival.
There is a bond of one weeks rent
Refunded on check out and on conditions.

Check out procedures
Please follow the procedures and requirements whilst moving out of your room or shared room.
We will assume you will be vacating the room or shared room on the termination date at 10:00am unless you have a prior agreement with us.
Prior to vacating your room or shared room all fees and charges payable under the room accommodation agreement must be paid in full or a satisfactory arrangement made for their payment.
Upon vacating a room or shared room it must be left in the same sate of cleanliness and repair as it was in on the first day that you took occupancy considering fair wear and tear.

All your personal belongings must be removed from the room or shared room by 10:00 am on the day of departure.

No room parties
If you hold a room party, we will hold you responsible for all your guests and all negative or antisocial behavior that results. We want you to enjoy your stay at 96 Glebe Guest House, while always keeping in mind the general well being of other house guests.

No Skyping or talking loudly on your mobile
Anywhere in the house between 9pm – 9am, you will disturb other house guests who need to study or get to sleep. Go to your bedroom and take your calls.
No drinking alcohol in the house and on the roof top courtyard from 10pm – 9am the next morning.
After 10pm we ask drinking parties to move out of the house to another suitable location.

When playing music, watching T.V, talking loudly or Skyping, please be mindful of the nose that you produce. You are responsible for keeping a livable environment for everyone, and that may involve turning down your music so someone can study or sleep.

Having a drink is an accepted social practice in Australia and it’s not our business to stay whether you should or should not consume alcohol except to insist that, if you are to do so at 96 Glebe Guesthouse, it can be in your bedroom or the communal areas until 10pm.
What we do take an interest in is that alcohol consumption should be responsible and should not impact on others. Whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, please bear in mind that your behavior will always impact on someone else. Make sure the impact is positive. Any instances of anti-social drinking will be investigated by Geoff and Liz and will be dealt with accordingly.

Security cameras
Have being installed one in the kitchen and the roof top courtyard.

Fire detectors:
We are committed to your safety and smoke detectors are installed in all the bedrooms and common areas.
False alarms are billed to those responsible the current charge is $1,250.00 per fire engine callout.

We have not had one yet but we can never be too careful. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the fire escape stairs and EXIT signs.
See example below.
• First floor, walk pass the kitchen you will see a back door please use the back stairs which will take you down to the outside back street.
• Third floor, roof top please use the back stairs which will take you all the way down to the outside back street.

It is your responsibility to read the safety information on the bedroom wall, because it is your knowledge that will keep you and others safe in an emergency.

Your bedroom rubbish bin is emptied once a week
Please use the communal kitchen bin, it is emptied daily.

Candles and incense:
The use of candles incense and oil burners are not allowed anywhere on the premises, it is a fire hazard.

Laundry facilities are on the roof top courtyard
Coin operated, they include 2 washing machines and 2 dryers. The ironing board is mounted on the kitchen wall.
Please share the facilities fairly with others; please be careful because we will not be responsible for any damage caused to your clothes or other items resulting from your use of the laundry facilities.

Keeping your communal areas clean
Although we have a housekeeper it is not her job to be cleaning your mess, your mother does not live here, please help keep the facilities clean.
These rules are not only to keep your life comfortable and hygienic, but to ensure others can share a clean living space as well.

Spacious communal kitchen
There is a fully equipped kitchen for cooking, pots, pans, cooking utensil, kitchen ware and cutlery are available for everyone to use. You also have your own food cupboard and fridge space.
Please note: be considerate of others by keeping the kitchen clean, after you have finished using the facilities.

In house computer and media player
Is available in the communal lounge next to the kitchen, FREE internet is available.
Large flat T.V. screen is mounted on the wall in the kitchen:
It is available for all house guests to enjoy.

Communal bathrooms
There are no private bathrooms in the guesthouse. It is a 3 level building with 9 bedrooms, five toilets and four showers, there are male and female bathrooms on each floor. If the bathroom is occupied at the time you want to use it, you are welcome to use the bathrooms on the next floor. After you have finished using the bathroom, please leave it clean for others to use.
To all males staying in the guesthouse:
You must not use the female bathrooms while staying at 96 Glebe Guesthouse, if you are seen to be using the female bathrooms you will be given a warning, second time around you will be given 5 hours notice to leave the premises. There will be no refund of your bond or key deposit.

No pets allowed on the premises.

We are a NO SMOKING accommodation.

Do not smoke inside the house, smoke detectors have being installed inside the bedrooms and common areas.

No drugs
The possession and usage or selling of any non-prescribed or illegal drugs and/or the possession of any equipment to aid the use of illegal drugs or substances is prohibited.
Breaching this rule, in any form is considered serious misconduct and will result in us terminating your room accommodation agreement and reporting the incident to the police.

Overnight guests and visitors
We welcome your guests and visitors, whether it is a visit from your parents or a dinner with someone special, we want to make sure you can share your house.
All guests and visitors must be aware of the rules and remember that they are also guests of other customers at 96 Glebe Guesthouse. You are solely responsible for the welfare and the behavior of your guests, and will be accountable if they fail to adhere to the rules and 96 Glebe Guesthouse.
Overnight stay or stays for a few nights
It is $30.00 per night, we offer a roll away bed, mattress cover, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 1 bath towel and bed linen.

Please keep your room or share room clean and tidy
Although your room is serviced once a week by our room attendant you are still required to maintain a sense of hygiene. Please remove your daily rubbish by taking it to the communal kitchen bin which is emptied daily.

Room inspections
Your privacy is important to us at 96 Glebe Guesthouse and we will do whatever we can to maintain this. We will give you notice if we are going to inspect your room and or share room or if we need to make repairs inside your room.
However there will be certain times when we need to enter your room or share room without notice, for example cleaning, urgent maintenance, and emergencies. We will of course make every effort to avoid any disturbance and we always knock and announce ourselves first.

Visitors are welcome
All visitors must leave the premises after 10pm.
All guests and visitors must be aware of 96 Glebe Guesthouse rules, and remember that they are also guests of the other customers at 96 Glebe Guesthouse. You are solely responsible for the welfare and behavior of your guests, and you will be accountable if they fail to adhere to the rules of 96 Glebe Guesthouse.
Going on holiday:

Please let us know by email, so as to avoid people unnecessarily worrying about you. We will also continue to service your room, please do not lease your room or bed while you are away. Should we find someone occupying your room or bed we will remove them and notify the police.

Car parking:

We do not have parking space for cars or motorbikes on the premises, however there is paid meter parking on the street.
We are located in Glebe along Glebe Point Road; there are public transport services within 10 meters of our front door.

Electrical appliances
For your safety and other house guests, please make sure that you turn off the heater/fan and T.V when you leave your room.
Geoff and Liz
Reserves the right to refuse or terminate guest’s accommodation when guests do not comply with 96 Guest House rules.

Thank you for choosing to stay at 96 Guest House.