Payment and conditions

Please book as early as you can.
The earlier you book the more chance we can help you with a booking.

To confirm your reservation credit card details are required.
Send the credit card details and the first 8 numbers of your card.
We will reply and request the final 8 card numbers, then confirm your booking.
You can phone +61 41484 0024 to give us the card numbers if you wish.
Once your reservation has been confirmed we will email you an invoice.
We do not use a credit card as payment for your accommodation, your credit card details are
used to secure your reservation.

Rent is cash on arrival or pre-payed to our account.

Cancellation charge of AUD$100.00 will be taken from your credit card, if we are not given 2 weeks cancellation warning before your arrival date.

Stays of 1 – 2 weeks
Payment must be in cash on arrival.

Stays of 3 – 4 weeks or longer
Once your booking has being confirmed, we will send you an invoice which will have our bank account details, you will have the option of paying by cash on arrival/internet banking or an international telegraphic transfer. Should you wish to pay for your entire stay by cash, we will accept cash installments for longer stays.

International telegraphic transfer: We recommend other methods than ITT which is very expensive, our company uses and recommends

The invoice we send you will have our bank account details to which you can transfer your money too.
Please transfer the money 2 weeks before your arrival date, send a copy of the bank transfer via email. Payment must be in Australian dollars, please provide your booking name as a reference.

Bitcoin fans, I know you are out there, can request a current rate.
A Bitcoin payment of the bond will secure a booking if you are reluctant to supply credit card details.
Your Bitcoin ‘bond’ will be returned to you after departure.

What you need to know:
On the invoice we send to you it will have the following details, your rent for your entire stay, your bond of one week’s rent, refunded on check out and a one time cleaning fee of $30.00 per person
Please note: We will ask you to pay your rental amount only, please do not include your bond and cleaning fee, as this is paid separately in cash on your arrival. Should you include the bond and cleaning fee in with your rent, you will be charged a fee of AUD$50.00, this is what it cost us to return your money via international transfer.

Reminder about other expenses on arrival:
• Refundable key deposit of $100.00, for stays of 1 – 2 weeks
• Refundable bond of one week’s rent, plus a once only cleaning fee of $30.00 per person for stays of 3 weeks or longer.